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I have always searched an explanation to what is defined ”paranormal”. In this searching I have addressed myself, as a psychic, to Professor Piero Cassoli of the C.S.P. of Bologna (the most important Association in Italy for the study of paranormal phenomena), member of the Parapsychological Association of New York, by which he was rewarded for his long carrier.

Thanks to Professor Cassoli, I could have a more profound conscience of my capabilities and of their field of analysis.
Prof. Cassoli, as the person charged of researches on me, writes of me:
“The Paraphsychological Study Center (C.S.P.) of Bologna has conducted a series of experiments on photos of persons unknown to the psychic.
This research relates to the “Preliminary Phase” after which results it is possible to proceed to a controlled series of new experiments. The results have sometimes been exceptional, with 100% positivity and they are been examined by the Scientific Commission”. – Bologna, September 8th, 2004.

Mrs. Brunilde Mignani Cassoli alleges to the magazine “Diva e donna”:
“Marina Dionisi is an extraordinary psychic; we have shown her photos of alive persons, known and unknown. None of these persons was present when she was visualizing, but following examinations have given stunning results.” – August 10th, 2006.

I have collaborated, as psychic, with newspaper writer Piero Vigorelli for a TV program on Rete4 TV network.

I have collaborated, as psychic, with newspaper writer Roberto Giacobbo for “Voyager” – TV program of Rai2 National TV network .

I have worked as psychic in the Paranormal reality called “Percezioni” (Perceptions) for SYFY Italia Global Networks.

Percezioni has won the Bronze Award at the 34th edition of the Telly Awards (New York) -  "Documentary" section.

"FINALIST CERTIFICATE" at the "New York Festivals - 2013 World's Best Television" / "Television - Documentary/Information".

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